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| Hide the Mess with a Cat Litter Concealment Cabinet

Hide the Mess with a Cat Litter Concealment Cabinet


One of the definite disadvantages of having a cat is the inevitable litter box. It is not only unsightly, but the cat unavoidably tracks litter outside the box when he leaves it. While it is sometimes possible to have the litter box in an out of the way spot, often there is no such place available, or it is inconvenient for the cat owner to have the box right there, or to get to the litter box in that place when necessary. Even when there is such a place, if there are young children in the home or just visiting, they may get to the box and make a mess of it, scattering litter, or even worse.

An excellent solution to these inconveniences is a cat litter concealment cabinet. When a cat lover owns one of these, the litter box is enclosed in a stylish cabinet which is both functional and pleasant to look at. No longer does a litter box need to be relegated to some isolated or obscure spot. Now, the unsightly litter box can be hidden in a decorative, even elegant cabinet which can grace the presence of even a formal living room or dignified bedroom. With a variety of shades and type of wood, a cat litter box furniture can match any style of decor.

There are two main styles available, each with its own advantage. The first type has a hinged top, which can be lifted up to allow convenient access to the interior. This may be preferable to the person who wishes to, or indeed must be able to reach the litter box without too much squatting or stooping. The second type has one or two doors on the side, which open up for access to the litter box, allowing it to slide out entirely. With carpet on the floor of the cabinet, both types keep litter safely and neatly within the box.

Other options include the shape of doorway for the cat: round, square, or arched; as well as whether it is placed higher or lower in the side of the cabinet, or even on the top. Also, depending on the size of the cabinet and the size of the cat, there may be extra room for storage of a litter scoop, litter pan liners and even some furry cat toys. With all the different choices available, one is sure to find the perfect choice of a cat litter concealment cabinet.