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| Cat Litter Cabinet: A New Powder Room for Kitty

Cat Litter Cabinet: A New Powder Room for Kitty


Cats truly are a delight to have in your home, but when it comes to feline ownership, many people stumble over the “dreaded litter pan” issue. Have you ever wished that you could make your kitty’s litter box invisible? Or have you had trouble finding just the right spot to put the unsightly box?
Thankfully, there is a solution: A cat litter cabinet. These wonderful pieces of furniture have come on the pet furnishings scene and have become extremely popular, for good reason. Basically, these are cleverly styled furnishings that have a traditional cat litter pan hidden inside.

With little research, you will find many types and styles of these wonderful cat boxes. There are even some manufacturers that will custom make one for you. Cat litter box furniture can look like pieces of furniture that you would normally have in your home, such as an end table, a TV cart, or a laundry room utility table.

Here are some suggestions to help you find just the right spot for a beautiful cat litter cabinet:

• If space is lacking in your home, consider replacing an end table with some cat litterbox furniture. Many of these cat cabinets look like a normal end table with an entrance hole in the side or back of the table. The variety of wood and wood finishing options can work in any décor that you desire.

• For bathroom litter boxes, there are some cabinets that have wainscoting and extra shelves for storing towels and toilet paper rolls. Other perks include hidden storage areas inside the cabinet to hold the scoop and bags. Some even have towel bars on the outside.

• If you are accustomed to having a litter catcher mat outside the box, you may want to replace that with a more decorative rug depending on where you place your cat litter cabinet.

• Daily cleaning of the box is always recommended whenever possible, to exhaust any chances for odors to build up and bacteria to breed. Cleanup is a breeze with these cabinets because they simply open up to expose the pan, which makes access easy, and the job less time consuming.

Finally, do not worry about your cat liking his or her new powder room. These chic, roomy cabinets are truly preferred by cats overall. Beware, once they have upgraded their bathroom facilities, they may never go back to the tired, old, mundane potty pan again!