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| Has Your Cats Litter Tray Become Too Unsightly? Try Some Cat Litter Box Furniture In Your Home

Has Your Cats Litter Tray Become Too Unsightly? Try Some Cat Litter Box Furniture In Your Home


If you are looking for a great way to give your cat the privacy they deserve when they are using the toilet and to keep those nasty odours and associated mess that comes with litter trays at bay, why not try Cat Litter Box Furniture?

Not only does it give the cat the same privacy that one would expect for a human when using the toilet, but it also has functionality as a piece of furniture, like an end table or surface for a lamp or maybe a few books.  Cat litter box furniture comes in a vast array of styles and colours allowing it to blend in beautifully with the surrounding furniture and decor.  If your house has pine furniture throughout, then the litter box can be pine, if you like mahogany then there is a model out there for you, if rattan is your thing then don’t despair as that is available too.  Every style you can imagine has a cat litter box that fits in with the furniture!

Not only does it offer a clean and tidy means of letting your beloved cat do its business, it can be a place of sanctuary from curious toddlers and other unwanted guests.  Cat litter cabinets do not need just hold a litter tray, a cat scratching post and automatic food dispensers can also be kept in there as easy access can be found from a human door, allowing for cleaning and restocking of litter materials and other items.

Mr. Herzher’s Litter Box Cover, available for approximately $100, is available in either dark brown Rhino wicker or natural coloured rattan wicker.  This cover comes in two different sizes: Jumbo, at 20” H x 18′ W x23.5” D or large measuring 19” H x 16” W x 20” D.  The wicker material fits in with many home decors and doesn’t absorb any moisture or odours.  The cat access is through the front, with the litter tray on glide rails, allowing easy access for cleaning.  The base is elevated for added protection to the floor below.  This model is a perfect match if you have a wicker cat basket, making a lovely matching pair.

The Pet Studio Litter box cabinet is another product that conceals a cat’s litter tray.  It comes in a mahogany finished with brass fittings that can fit into any room with ease.  Bought as a do it yourself flat pack with easy to follow instructions, when put together measures in at 28″ W x 19″ D x 24″ H allowing for plenty of space for your feline friend.  For cat access, it has a beautifully cut hole in the side of the unit and two panelled side doors, complete with magnetised fittings, for easy cleaning and maintenance.  The unit is complete with a storage drawer to keep all of kitty’s toys and supplies in one organised space.  This unit retails at approximately $200.

The Refined Feline Electric Cat Litter Box Cabinet retails at about $220 and measures in at 36″ w x 25 d x 28.5″ h.  Amongst other things, it supports the use of automatic electric litter boxes such as the Litter Maid Elite and the Litter Maid Elite Mega, bringing cats toilets into the 21st Century!  It is made from plywood with a pine veneer and comes in a choice of Honey, Mahogany and Espresso stains, meaning it will fit into any home with ease.  It has interchangeable walls for the cat entry and comes with a sliding tray and hinged walls for easy maintenance.  The unit also has a storage drawer that is a great place to store kitty’s toys and food.