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| Cat and their Different Health Issues

Cat and their Different Health Issues


Cats aren’t unable to speak to us to let us know when they are ill. It is usually the responsibility of concerned owners to look at their pets and determine whether they are ill or not. While cats may suffer from a different number of health issues, some of these health issues are more common than others.

The major health problem that cats suffer from would be hairballs. Cats usually clean themselves by licking their coats, such cleaning usually results in hair that clings to their tongues and is usually swallowed. The hair may usually end up forming a ball and in certain instances, the cat can pass it out. On the other hand, if the hairball makes it into the cat’s intestines, then this may result in serious complications which may require medical attention. One symptom of this is usually constipation.


Urinary Tract Infections or UTI’s are a health problem that cats tend to suffer easily from as well. While it is most common in males, it also tends to affect female cats as well. If a cat stops using his litter of if his urine emits a strong odor, there is a probability that he may be suffering from a UTI. Cats may also develop stones in their urinary tracts.

Worms also affect cats as well. You have different worms that affect cats and these include tapeworms, round worms as well as hook worms. Outdoor cats are usually those who regularly suffer from problems related to worms. Symptoms of worms usually include diarrhea and an inability of the cat to gain weight. Owners of cats can easily get worms from their pets. Outdoor cats may also get infected by fleas, parasites or ticks. Ticks are sometimes responsible for giving a cat Lyme disease. If you have a cat which is lethargic or which has a fever as well as a loss of appetite, the cat may need antibiotic treatment so his coat should be checked regularly.

Digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea are part of the health problems that usually manifest in cats. If your cat vomits for more than a day, then you should visit a vet and discuss the problem. Before then you should withhold food for some hours and start-off by reintroducing water in small quantities to see how well the cat can tolerate it. One of the most frequent reasons why cats vomit is hairballs so you should ensure that your cat has its coat brushed on a regular basis.

Cats also tend to suffer from some dangerous diseases and one of these dangerous diseases is feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), and it is a virus which is somewhat difficult to diagnose. No known treatment exists for this disease. There is no known treatment for this disease. Another is feline immunodeficiency virus, which is “cat aids.” This virus targets white blood cells. The last is feline leukemia virus (FLV), which can be avoided if the cat is immunized before contact with it. These diseases are more likely to be seen in outdoor cats.

Cats also tend to suffer from eye related problems, and this is usually because their eyes get scratched easily during fights. They can also suffer from abscesses as well, and these abscesses come from bite wounds. Other problems that they suffer from are anal gland problems as well as cat allergies. The occasional cold and respiratory infections may also affect cats as well.